FIU’s College of Engineering and Computing researchers have received a $2 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to help develop technology to prevent, detect, analyze and mitigate cyberattacks against U.S. energy systems.
“Our FIU team is very experienced in cybersecurity and smart energy grids. We are proud to lead the project to advance state-of-the-art methods in cyberattack detection and to harden our power grids,” said Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman, the lead principal investigator and assistant professor and the director of the Analytics for Cyber Defense (ACyD) Lab. “Protecting the security of America’s power is crucial as we face increasing cyber threats.”
The project, entitled “Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Tools (ArtIT) for Cyber Hardening of Power Grids,” involves developing artificial intelligence techniques and analytics that identify attacks in real-time and creating intelligent controllers to enhance the bulk power system’s attack resiliency. The team will then validate and test the tools in collaboration with utility and industry partners.

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