Watching an interaction between hydrogen peroxide, yeast, water and dish soap, children at the Lester H. White Boys & Girls Club in Fort Lauderdale were awed by the resulting giant foamy reaction. As they created this “elephant toothpaste,” the youngsters learned a little about chemistry, all thanks to FIU’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Ambassador initiative, a program of the College of Engineering and Computing.  

The field day was just one part of JEDI, which is intended to empower FIU students to conduct scholarly research that can provide input for JEDI-focused programming and reforms; to expose K-12 students (particularly underrepresented minorities) to engineering and STEM careers; to open dialogue with other student leaders and organizations about diversity, equity, inclusion and justice; and to advocate for increased support and a welcoming environment for all. 

The new program, a pilot with expansion in mind, uses undergraduate JEDI Ambassadors who tackle specific initiatives.

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