Florida International University’s College of Engineering and Computing has received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for Phase 1 development of the Center for High-Frequency Electronics and Circuits for Communication Systems (CHECCS). The center’s research focuses on innovative circuits and electronic devices for high-frequency communications applications in a wide range of fields, from national security and defense systems to 5G/6G wireless communications, autonomous cars, personalized medicine and more.

The creation of CHECCS acknowledges that high-frequency communications systems are a vital, multibillion-dollar industry. CHECCS will collaborate with industry to accelerate the development of prototypes into commercially viable products. The technology explored has multiple applications that range from cell phones and 5G+ communications, to autonomous cars, personalized medicine and monitored healthcare, agricultural sensing and merchandise inventory. The CHECCS group anticipates these products will give way to spin-offs and start-up businesses.

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