Congratulations to Berrin Tansel, professor of environmental engineering and undergraduate program director in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, for being elected to the Science Academy (Turkish) for her distinguished contributions in the field of environmental research, particularly for development of innovative processes for water treatment and waste management to reduce pollution loads in coastal systems. The Science Academy is a member of All European Academies (ALLEA) and a member organization of International Science Council (ISC).

Her transformative theoretical and experimental research work include effectively removing oil and oil particles from water. Tansel’s research is also microscopically quantifying the effects of temperature and pH on oil droplet interactions and phase separation characteristics. Her research has been published extensively and used in the development of hands-on activities that have been integrated to the science curriculum in some middle and high schools as multi-disciplinary science learning modules on coastal ecosystems.

Tansel, who teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of theory, experimentation and design of environmental engineering with an emphasis on water treatment and water management, was the first female faculty member to join the College of Engineering & Computing in 1990.

She is the recipient of other prestigious awards, including the American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists Award, 2021 Margaret Peterson Outstanding Women of the Year award by American Society of Civil Engineers, the Engineer of the Year award by the American Society of Civil Engineers Miami-Dade Branch in 2007 and the Edmund Freidman Professional Achievement Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2009.

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We are very proud of Tansel’s exemplary achievements.