In the last decade, there has been an expectation that increasing amounts of complex data be delivered faster ― and at higher quality ― through the use of revolutionary antenna systems.

To expedite the process, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $365,000 grant to FIU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Professor Stavros Georgakopoulos, director of the Transforming Antennas Center and the RF Communications, mm-Waves and Terahertz Lab, is the principal investigator of the study, “Novel mm-Wave Reflectarray Antennas for Next-Generation Communications Systems.”  

The work will impact numerous industries, from space missions to telecommunications to medicine, Georgakopoulos says. The new approach has the potential to transform antenna designs for satellites and communications systems, making them more versatile and less expensive to produce, all while increasing data transmission speed. 

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