Ysabella-Guggino-Front-Facing-PhotoName: Ysabella Guggino
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Degree/major: Construction management
How did you get your internship with Moss Construction?
From Professor Faria! He sent out an email in late 2020, and I applied and got interviewed! FIU always sends out fantastic opportunities!
What was your greatest fear going into your internship with Moss and how did you face it or overcome it?
Going into a project that was already in the middle of being built was scary, I had to learn the project from the beginning. By constantly asking questions, the project managers and superintendents on the job really helped me understand what has been built and what’s left to go.
What surprised you the most about your internship?
Taking the things that I’ve learned in the classes over the past years and applying them to real-world situations. The knowledge that came out of the degree helped me so much during my internship.
What advice do you have for those beginning the internship search process?
Take advantage of those FIU Job Opportunity emails! FIU really wants to help you with jobs and different types of internships—both while in school and post-graduation. I’ll forever thank FIU for helping me get a job with such a great company.


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