Mark-Finlayson-fiu-college-engineering-computingArtificial Intelligence: How it works and its impact

Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, is increasingly becoming part of daily life. We encounter it in many forms, from smart devices like Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars or industry-specific technology that monitors anything from financial records to social media posts.

“AI is making significant impacts across society, from how we work, to how we play, to how we learn,” says Mark Finlayson, an associate interim director and eminent scholar chaired associate professor at the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Science and the faculty member overseeing the AI badge.

He added: “Familiarity with AI is absolutely critical for students to grow into responsible and aware citizens, and to make the most of their future careers in an AI-enabled world. The AI badge will enable students to take a first step into understanding AI and how it will impact them and their lives.”

Students that earn this badge will learn the fundamental concepts of AI, its core techniques, example applications, and philosophical, ethical and social issues.

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