The Koerner Family Foundation has generously awarded stipends to two FIU College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) graduate students in support of their doctoral studies in biomedical and electrical and computer engineering.

Asad Mirza is a doctoral candidate in biomedical engineering researching the objective pairing of patients suffering from calcific aortic valve disease with minimally invasive valve replacement systems to promote better health outcomes. Luis Puche Rondon, an electrical and computer engineering Ph.D. student working in FIU’s Cyber-Physical Systems Security Lab (CSL), is researching enhancements to the security of Enterprise Internet-of-Things (E-IoT) systems. Each student was awarded a $10,000 supplemental stipend designed to assist them in the advancement of their studies.

The Koerner Family Foundation is dedicated to inspiring future generations of research-oriented engineers in the United States. The primary purpose of the Koerner Family Foundation is to help the United States train and retain engineers to remain globally competitive in all types of engineering.

Congratulations to Asad Mirza, Luis Puche Rondon and the faculty tirelessly dedicated to supporting them both during their academic journey. Way to go, Panthers!