When Oscar Morejon was 15 years old, he asked his dad for a car. The next day, Morejon found a pressure cleaner in his room. His father told him if he pressure cleaned enough driveways and houses, he’d get the car. Morejon followed his father’s guidance and started a company called Pressure Cleaning Pro.

From that day, Morejon pressure cleaned, painted and repaired homes throughout his college career at FIU, where he studied construction management and joined the student chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors. During a career expo hosted by the Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure and Sustainability, he obtained an internship with Suffolk Construction, giving him hands-on experience in the field.

Morejon, who earned his degree in 2013, very quickly went from intern to assistant superintendent, managing a $150 million multi-phased commercial construction project consisting of a 13-story parking garage with two residential towers of 32 and 28 stories and a Whole Foods Market on the first level in Downtown Miami.

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