Earlier this year, more than 20 FIU students set out to compete in the Embedded Capture the Flag (eCTF) competition put on by MITRE, an American not-for-profit that brings innovative ideas to areas such as artificial intelligence, intuitive data science, quantum information science, health informatics, space security, policy and economics expertise, trustworthy autonomy, cyber threat sharing and cyber resilience.

By the time the competition came around, that number had dwindled to three competitors. Midterms, Spring Break and COVID-19 caused the numbers of the FIU team to diminish. Losing so many members presented a challenge to those that were left. Yet despite the challenges, these three FIU students, along with their mentor, Alexander Perez-Pons, managed to complete the competition and come in seventh place in a line-up of 20 high-profile schools.

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