Arvind Agarwal CD-SSEC Undergraduate Research in EC at FIUCongratulations to Arvind Agarwal, chair of FIU’s Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) and AMERI director; Benjamin Boesl, associate professor in MME; and Ph.D. students Archana Loganathan and Pranjal Nautiyal for receiving the 2020 ICE Publishing Nanomaterials and Energy Prize.

The group of researchers published the award-winning paper, “Unraveling the multiscale damping properties of two-dimensional layered MXene,” which dives into the study of MXenes’ mechanical properties demonstrating excellent damping capability for the first time. MXenes, first discovered in 2011, consist of two-dimensional nanomaterials made from a bulk crystal called MAX. The application of these materials can be found in energy storage, sensing, electromagnetic interference shielding and optoelectronics. These new findings will generate interest in the application of MXenes for engineering nanocomposites, impact-resistant structures, and nano/ micro-electromechanical systems.

Every year, ICE Publishing awards authors from industry and academia who have produced work of exceptional caliber and benefit the civil engineering, construction and materials science community. Agarwal and team will be recognized at this year’s ICE Awards Ceremony in London, UK.