Working to improve diversity and inclusion on campus is a tall order, especially when the campus is as large as FIU, with over two thousand instructional employees. A new program is being launched to make sure faculty members have easily identifiable point persons to whom they can turn for help.

The Equity Advisor program, which designates one faculty member from each college to act as an Equity Advisor, began in Fall 2019. The three current Equity Advisors are Caroline Simpson, professor, physics, for the College of Arts, Sciences & Education; Susanne Zwingel, associate professor, politics & international relations, for the School of International & Public Affairs, and Anthony McGoron, associate dean for academic affairs, for the College of Engineering and Computing.



Selected jointly by the college dean and the Office to Advance Women, Equity & Diversity (AWED), equity advisors have a number of roles within their colleges as they work with AWED and their college leadership concerning policies and procedures related to diversity and equity efforts. For example, they coordinate with college search and screen committees on strategies to recruit a diverse pool and best practices for evaluating and interviewing candidates and act as a resource for helping departments develop, implement, and track progress on their diversity plans.

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