Alexandria Segovia is an FIU 2019 Worlds Ahead graduate. She is one of FIU’s first graduates of the internet of things (IoT) bachelor’s degree program. During her education, Segovia gained valuable experience and used skills learned in class toward several projects in a product development capacity. She also secured a cybersecurity internship with United Data Technologies and now works for the company as a cybersecurity engineer. In this piece, she shares how earning the degree through FIU Online helped her find success in the classroom and on the job. 

By Alexandria Segovia

In so many industries, the fundamental goals are simple: safety and security. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first graduates of Florida International University’s IoT bachelor’s degree programs. The program, which is fully online, trained me fully and offered many opportunities. Today, I am essentially an ethical hacker and assess the cybersecurity posture of other companies in order to help strengthen their networks.

My journey

After high school, I joined the military and then came back to FIU for my bachelor’s degree. I initially chose electrical engineering as my major, but when the IoT degree was introduced, I switched over because the program interested me. The IoT degree at FIU aligns very closely with computer and electrical engineering tracks. 

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