Having connected cars is a key enabler for self-driving cars, which are taking the wheel, paving the way for hands-free driving. Also known as autonomous vehicles, these cars operate themselves and are capable of sensing their environment with little to no human interaction.

Despite the rapid technological advances and predictions that the autonomous vehicle global market is expected to reach $36 billion by just 2025 according to Business Wire, self-driving cars continue to be tested and enhanced.

Three researchers from FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing are researching the language that cars, including self-driving ones, require to stay connected and communicate with each other while on the road.

Through a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant of $500,000, Ahmed Ibrahim, assistant professor; Elias Alwan, assistant professor; and Kemal Akkaya, professor and director of research for Cybersecurity@FIU, an emerging preeminent program, are building a vehicle-to-vehicle communication framework for a safer and more efficient driving experience. Neighboring vehicles will exchange information among each other related to safety, as well as infotainment, media that provides a combination of information and entertainment. Read more at FIU News.