Name: Shanna Sit

Hometown: Miami, Florida.

What is your major? I’m currently an undergraduate student studying computer science. I’m also working toward obtaining a certificate in Japanese through FIU’s Asian Studies Program.

Where did you intern? What did you do there? This past summer, I was lucky to have the opportunity to intern at JPMorgan Chase. I was part of JPMC’s Software Engineering Program for interns. My team and I enjoyed spending time programming and designing an application for the company in their beautiful office in Tampa, Florida.

How did you get your internship? I don’t remember the exact moment that led me to JPMC, but I do believe the FIU hackathon event, ShellHacks, played a role in connecting me to the recruiters. By connecting with recruiters, I was encouraged to apply online. Then, I took a coding assessment and eventually got an on-campus interview. Without Shellhacks, I’m certain the process would have been less smooth and longer. Read more at FIU News.