Name: Juan Valencia

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Degree/Major: Mechanical Engineering

Where are you working? Title? The Boeing Company / Propulsion Engineer

How did you get your job? I was offered my position at the BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year Awards) Conference.

What was your greatest fear going into your first job and how did you face it or overcome it? My biggest fear was going into a position unprepared for the work. I had this idea that I would be expected to be able to jump into work right away. Upon actually arriving, I realized that there is a training phase as well as very helpful coworkers who made the transition very easy.

What surprised you the most about your first job? The crazy amount of work and information that goes on. I was shocked at the sheer amount of aviation knowledge my coworkers possessed. Having passed my one year mark, I am no longer surprised at how much we are able to learn and retain in our field of work.

What advice do you have for those beginning the job search process? Engineering conferences such as Great Minds in Stem (GMIS), Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and Society of Women Engineers (SWE), are by far the best way of getting a job, in my opinion. Expose yourself to speaking with recruiting managers and do your best to show passion (recruiters love this) for the company you want to work for. 

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