Being a professor can require thick skin. Before a faculty member publishes research, receives a grant or sees their research come alive in the classroom, they often go through a rigorous process of data collection and analysis, literature reviews, interviews and detailed, sometimes painful, peer reviews from their colleagues. Praise for a job well done goes a long way.

The annual Top Scholar Awards reception was held at the Ronald W. Reagan Presidential House last month where President Mark B. Rosenberg and Provost Kenneth G. Furton recognized and celebrated 36 faculty members who over the past year had significant achievements in research and teaching.

“Tonight, we recognized the important and impactful work of teaching. Our top scholars are dedicated to collaboration, compromise and innovative, forward-thinking research and scholarship. We are grateful for their groundbreaking work and everything they do to help our students be successful,” President Mark B. Rosenberg said. Read more on FIU NEWS.