Chad Moss ’94

Your family started Moss & Associates 10 years ago, and today you can claim construction projects in no fewer than a dozen states. What has been your biggest contribution to the company’s growth?

Building relationships with key clients and hiring strong employees.

Success in the construction industry means staying up on innovation. How is Moss & Associates doing that?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the link between design, construction and the facilities manager. We early on recognized the potential of this technology – which digitally captures processes and information spanning an entire project – and invested in its development and the development of our team. Our construction technology department excels at implementing this technology, and we have realized cost and time savings on projects of 5 to 10 percent while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Your company helped establish FIU’s Moss Built Environment Informatics Laboratory for use by students in the construction management program with the College of Engineering and Computing. What was your motivation?

The lab will teach the building blocks of BIM/virtual technologies, something about which Moss is very passionate.

How has your FIU degree made possible your success?

It was the foundation! It also led to a relationship with my university that has helped me grow personally and professionally.

Busy as you are, why do you make time to serve on the FIU Foundation Board of Directors?

I really feel like we are making a contribution to the university’s success, and I am inspired by my engagement with students, staff and fellow board members.

Do you have a motto by which you live, or phrase around which you rally in tough times?

“This situation is temporary; you will overcome!”

How do you want to be remembered down the road?

As someone who gave people chances and means to grow their careers through education and job opportunities.   

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