Smart Grid Test Bed Hardware Facility

Professor Osama MohammedOsama A. Mohammed, professor in Florida International University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received a $430,750 software grant from Operation Technology, Inc. for the ETAP power systems analysis software.

According the company website, ETAP is the most comprehensive analysis platform for the design, simulation, monitoring, operation, control, optimization, and automation of generation, transmission, distribution and industrial power systems. The company’s latest release, ETAP version 12, is available for student use in 25 concurrent licenses. The software grant provides for future updates and user support.

Mohammed is the director of the Energy Systems Research Laboratory at FIU. He received his Master and Doctoral degrees in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1981 and 1983, respectively. He has performed research on various topics in power and energy systems as well as computational electromagnetics and design optimization in electric machines and drive systems.

Mohammed performed multiple research projects for the Office of Naval Research and the Naval Surface Warfare Centers since 1995 dealing with power system analysis, physics based modeling, electromagnetic signature, sensorless control, electric machinery, high frequency switching, electromagnetic Interference and shipboard power systems modeling and analysis. Mohammed has active research programs in a number of these areas funded by Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Energy and industry.

ETAP thinking powerETAP offers a large array of tools for power system design. Power system projects can be studied by performing load flow analysis, short-circuit analysis, motor acceleration analysis, harmonic analysis and transient stability analysis. Control system diagrams can be created, cable-pulling force can be predicted and graphical underground raceway systems are provided, among others. Users can create and edit one-line diagrams, 3D cable systems, plots, 3D ground grid systems and many others.

The program is meant to combine electrical, mechanical, logical and physical attributes that describe system elements. Mastering the utility in this software does not require a large amount of computer skills and can be used to train students in the operational issues of electric utility systems. The main advantages of ETAP include dealing with multiple practical design and analysis issues of power systems. The software will be used for related courses and for analysis of the Smart Grid Test Bed hardware facility.