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engineers without borders

Engineers Without Borders — USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while fostering responsible leadership. This video features the students of Florida International University in their 1st phase implementation of spring boxes for a water supply system for the indigenous Maleku community of Costa Rica.
Pura Vida Mae!

Project team includes Hector Nava (Project Manager), Rebecca Dahdah (President of EWB-FIU), Brandon Mintz, Yulyan Arias, Karen De La Pena, Lilian Marrero, Alejandro Regens, and mentors Kristin Hink and Jamie Docherty (both of MWH Americas Inc.)

Video by Alejandro Regens


  • leo says:

    The indigenous Maleku community of Costa Rica, has always lived in balance with mother earth, it is just when “We -the super-geniuses of the so called industrialized world-” came into action to solve problems this community have never had it is when things start going wrong. In the Amazon river basin, long time ago, when the indigenous people did not know the way of living of the white man, they used to hunt, to grow its own food, they did not know what money is, now, they have changed their customs, they have embraced our “fantastic way of life” and today they do not care about the jungle the way they ancestors did, now, they cut trees, just for making money as we do, they hunt animals to sell them to exotic animals dealers that bring them here to make huge profits.. In Colombia, the well known “Peace Corps” brought the “recipe” to transform the coca leaves into cocaine chlorhydrate a “recreational” drug, the indigenous people learned the huge potential of this substance and learned from them “Peace Corps” how to do it… This is what happen when “We -the most advanced people-” disturb the balance of a community… In spanish there is a proverb: “De buenas intenciones esta hecho el camino al infierno” : The road or path or way to hell is paved with good intentions…

  • maurice says:

    There’s this saying in the U.S.: DON’T BE AN IDIOT! Think before speaking.
    Leo, from your comments it’s clear that you have not investigated the *process* that EWB uses when taking on projects. The process includes such things as doing due diligence to make sure that the needs of those asking for help can be met with high probability. The process uses a stepwise approach insuring understanding and buy-in from those involved, and sanity checks to make sure that solutions are effective and sustainable.
    In short, EWB is NOT about swooping in, shoving technology, then bailing out quickly. EWB is about applying engineering principals in a methodical and sustainable way to increase the quality of life of those in dire need. I urge you to find out more about the organization.

  • Spirit says:

    Thanks maurice for, at least, trying to educate Leo. There are those who speak before they think, and those who think before they speak. I can see the difference between maurice and leo.

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