Maestría en Gerencia de la Construcción

Universidad Iberoamericana, UNIBE, extended its agreement with the Florida International University, FIU, to offer the Master of Construction Management to begin this year 2011. The number of large projects and increased competition in the labor market of the construction sector demand for specially trained engineers and so far the country had no U.S. academic degree programs.

This master program will be the only U.S. program offered in the country accredited by the American Council for Construction Education. Classes are taught by professors and researchers internationally recognized who have extensive experience in the construction industry. It will be supported by a faculty of engineering with more than 40 years from the College of Engineering and Computing at FIU and in cooperation with the Graduate School of the Universidad Iberoamericana will form a unique program in our country and the region. This was emphasized by the engineer Daniel Camarena, Director of the School of Civil Engineering at UNIBE. UNIBE is the college of dynamism and commitment to internationalization and provide excellent training in the Dominican Republic.

The Master of Construction Management will be taught entirely in English, aimed at civil engineers and architects. The program will provide knowledge and tools for students to take senior positions and management in the area of the construction industry.

Firma De Acuerdo

The agreement was signed on Monday, February 28 at 5:00 pm in the Council Room of the Universidad Iberoamericana. Attended by the FIU, Dr. Amir Mirmiran, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science; Dr. Caesar Abi Shdid, Director of External Programs at the College of Engineering and Computing; Dr. Irtishad Ahmad, Chairman of Construction Management and for UNIBE Dr. Julio Amado Guzman Brown, President, Dr. Odile Camilo Vincent, Vice Provost for academic degree Cochón Grace Jimenez, Administrative Vice Chancellor, licensed Angeleri Laura Luisa Sartori, Director of Graduate School UNIBE, Engineer Daniel Camarena Capriles, Director of the School of Civil Engineering and Ms. Loraine Bogaert Amell, Director of International Affairs. The agreement was signed by the President of UNIBE Castaños Julio Amado Guzman and Dr. Amir Mirmiran, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

FIU and UNIBE maintain a partnership agreement since 2003. Resulting from this alliance remains important programs in the areas of international business both as undergraduate and graduate degrees and now in the area of Civil Engineering with a Masters in Construction Management.