Professional MS Engineering Management program

College launches one-of-a-kind Professional Master’s in Engineering Management program

Become an Engineering Leader

The goal of this program is to develop future leaders of technology-based organizations by providing a customized, state of the art, applied engineering management curriculum to a select group of high potential professionals with science and engineering backgrounds.

Our Professional MS Engineering Management program combines best practices in the management sciences with engineering and technical knowledge. We help you develop the knowledge and skills you’ll need to successfully manage projects, prepare and implement business plans, and develop new products. Our courses teach best practices and tools that help you to contribute to the company’s bottom line today while creating a competitive edge for continued success.

Why Engineering Management?

A Masters degree in Engineering Management is recognized by many top technical companies to be highly beneficial to their employees.

Compared with other Management Degrees:

Interdisciplinary — Unlike other management programs, an EM degree integrates business, law, and engineering in an interdisciplinary, team-based learning, flexible program with concentrations to develop expertise.

Technically focused curriculum — EM prepares you for management and leadership in high-tech situations with a focused curriculum in areas such as new product development, project management and managing applied research. EM does not waste your time by covering areas such as retail, real estate, banking, recreation, tourism and the restaurant industry.

Finish sooner — An EM degree is 30 credit hours as compared to 55 credit hours for other popular management degrees. Put your energy into making a difference using what you’ve learned!